There is an admin fee of £19 for all cancellations, missed or re-scheduled appointments.

We cannot refund for any tests once they have been unsealed, utilised or sent for analysis.

Please check directly with your airline for the correct timeframe they require,
once you have had your delivered to the laboratory - we will email your results to you within 24 hours.

Please ensure this timeframe is suitable for your travel needs. 

Please Print, email or upload your certificate as required by your airline or destination.

Covid Clear Clinic will endeavour to email your test results and certificate within the allotted time,

if we fail to deliver within this time frame, Covid Clear Clinic will only refund the price paid for the test.

The Covid Clear Clinic RT-PCR tests and certificates originate from UKAS accredited laboratories 

as specified by airlines and international destinations,

All Airlines reserve the right to refuse entry at their discretion,

Covid Clear Clinic cannot be held responsible for their decision.